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Internet Links for Homework

The library has viewed these sites. However, with the Internet always changing we will not be responsible for site content.


Elements of Style

Fact Monster

Infoplease Online 

Country Report Sites

FactMonster- Countries of the World

Clickable Map of the World

Infoplease - Countries of the World

World Factbook

State Report Sites


Virtual Car Trip Through the USA

Ancient Cultures

Ancient World Cultures - An introduction to cultures of the Ancient World.

Ancient World 

Ancient World Civilizations

Seven Wonders

General History Sites

U.S. History.org

Yale Univ. Avalon Project Full Text Documents

This Day In History

America's Story

Year by Year


Biographies of the Founding Fathers

Presidents of the United States

First Ladies of the United States

A & E Biographies

Biographical Dictionary

Individuals Who Shaped the 20th Century

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Helen Keller Archive - The Helen Keller Archive is the largest repository of historical content about Helen Keller, whose iconic name is known in every corner of the globe for her groundbreaking work as an author, political activist, and humanitarian who played a critical role in changing public perceptions about people with disabilities.

Early America

Thirteen Colonies

Founding of the American Colonies

American Revolution

The History Place - Explorations and Early Colonial Era; The English Colonial Era; Prelude to the American Revolution; The American War for Independence; A New Nation is Born. Grades 3-6.

History Channel - American Revolution

History of the American Revolutionary War

The American Revolution

U.S. Civil War

Documenting the American South - Includes first person narrative from people who "lived" the Civil War including Slaves who lived in Massachusetts

American Civil War - Details about people and battles of the Civil War with photographs

Letters Home from the Civil War - Letters from Union and Confederate Soldiers to the loved ones Information

Battle of Gettysburg - One of the most costly battles of the Civil War


Welcome to the Planets

Zoom Dinosaurs

Earthquakes for Kids - Everything you wanted to know about earthquakes, history of earthquakes, Science fair projects and more. Grades K-12.

Periodic Table of the Elements - Not only does this site have a color-coded periodic table with the element's atomic number and symbol, but it includes history, properties, sources, and uses of the element.

Chem4Kids - All about chemistry: topics include Reactions, Elements, Atoms, Matter, Biochemistry, and Et Cetera.

Why Files - Science Behind the News

Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom

Savage Earth - Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis

Volcano World

Science Fair Projects

Successful Science Fair Projects

Ultimate Science Fair Resource

Rubber, Plastic and More


National Geographic

Animals A to Z


Useful Websites (Adults)

Digital Collections