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The purpose of the Fiske Library Foundation, Inc. is to build an endowment that will provide financial support for the enhancement of library materials, programs, services, technologies and, in the distant future, capital improvements. The funds, when distributed, will complement, not supplant, the Town of Wrentham's responsibility for the continuous operation of the Fiske Public Library.

Once approved for 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status, the Fiske Library Foundation, Inc. will solicit cash donations from residents, patrons and corporations through mail and personal solicitations, highlighting the educational, social and cultural value the Fiske Public Library provides to residents, patrons and corporations in and around Wrentham, MA.

The Directors of the Fiske Library Foundation, Inc. will make annual disbursement(s) to the Fiske Public Library based on the needs and recommendations of the Library Director of Fiske Public Library.

Foundation Directors

President - Richard E. Steponaitis
Treasurer - D. Maureen Osolnik
Director - Christine D. Cosimano
Director - Clairice L. Mauro
Contact - Mary Tobichuk, Library Director

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