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Library Newsletter
The Library Newsletter containing programs and new books is printed monthly, usually just before the end of the current month for the upcoming one. Once it is printed you can find it at the Front Desk. As long as you have email on your library card record the newsletter will be emailed to you. We have switched to a new email program for the newsletter to be sent. Use this link to signup to receive - https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/sl/nlDyv2T 
If you do not wish to get the newsletter via email you can unsubscribe when you receive the first one without affecting notices that come from SAILS via email (ie renewals, overdues, fines, etc.)

Fit Desk
In the Homework Center we have a FitDesk, provided by the Friends of the Fiske. The purpose of the FitDesk is to connect health and literacy. Now you can get a workout while you are reading, working on a computer or doing homework in the library.

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