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Ackerman, Elliot,

Chasing endless summer

Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.),

King Nyx

Bakis, Kirsten,

American spirits

Banks, Russell,

My name was Eden

Barker-White, Eleanor,

The divorcées

Beaird, Rowan,

The atlas maneuver

Berry, Steve,


Brown, Tracy.

The extinction of Irena Rey

Croft, Jennifer

Becoming Madam Secretary

Dray, Stephanie,

Good half gone

Fisher, Tarryn,

The hunter

French, Tana,

Has anyone seen Charlotte Salter?

French, Nicci,

Until August

García Márquez, Gabriel,

Still see you everywhere

Gardner, Lisa,

Anita de Monte laughs last

Gonzalez, Xochitl,


Hazell, Lottie,

The great divide

Henríquez, Cristina,

The other valley

Howard, Scott Alexander,

Love, unscripted

Hunter, Denise,

Memory piece

Ko, Lisa,

The lost book of Bonn

Labuskes, Brianna,

Mona of the manor

Maupin, Armistead,

The rumor game

Mullen, Thomas,

Wandering stars

Orange, Tommy,

Parasol against the axe

Oyeyemi, Helen,

Happily never after

Painter, Lynn,

After Annie

Quindlen, Anna,

The Berlin letters : a Cold War novel

Reay, Katherine,

Moon of the turning leaves

Rice, Waubgeshig,

It's a Date (Again)

Rose, Jeneva.

The American daughters

Ruffin, Maurice Carlos,

The underground library

Ryan, Jennifer (Jennifer L.),

This could be us

Ryan, Kennedy,

Expiration dates

Serle, Rebecca,

Never too late

Steel, Danielle,

The new couple in 5B

Unger, Lisa,

Help wanted

Waldman, Adelle,

Women of good fortune

Wan, Sophie,

Sylvia's second act

Yablon, Hillary,


The atlas maneuver

Berry, Steve,

The princess of Las Vegas

Bohjalian, Chris,

Three-inch teeth

Box, C. J.,

Redwood Court

Dameron, DéLana R. A.

First lie wins

Elston, Ashley,

The hunter

French, Tana,

Still see you everywhere

Gardner, Lisa,

The chaos agent

Greaney, Mark,

The ghost orchid

Kellerman, Jonathan,

The bad weather friend

Koontz, Dean R.

The fury

Michaelides, Alex,

Wandering stars

Orange, Tommy,

The #1 lawyer

Patterson, James,

After Annie

Quindlen, Anna,

The phoenix crown

Quinn, Kate,

Random in death

Robb, J. D.,

Never too late

Steel, Danielle,

Only if you're lucky

Willingham, Stacy,


Murder at La Villette

Black, Cara,

In sunshine or in shadow

Bowen, Rhys,

Three-inch teeth

Box, C. J.,

Murder in the tea leaves

Childs, Laura,

Finlay Donovan rolls the dice

Cosimano, Elle,

The mystery writer

Gentill, Sulari,

Watch where they hide

Hall, Tamron,

Bye, baby

Lovering, Carola,

A grave robbery

Raybourn, Deanna,

Murder road

St. James, Simone,


Annie bot

Greer, Sierra,

Three kinds of lucky

Harrison, Kim,

A fate inked in blood

Jensen, Danielle L.,

The Mars house

Pulley, Natasha,

The sunlit man

Sanderson, Brandon,

The Icarus job

Zahn, Timothy,


The exvangelicals :  loving, living, and leaving the white  evangelical church

McCammon, Sarah,

Who's afraid of gender?

Butler, Judith,

The grift : the downward spiral of Black Republicans from the party of Lincoln to the cult of Trump

Cane, Clay,

Attack from within : how disinformation is sabotaging America

McQuade, Barbara,

Find me the votes : a hard-charging Georgia prosecutor, a rogue president, and the plot to steal an American election

Isikoff, Michael,

Slow productivity : the lost art of accomplishment without burnout

Newport, Cal,

Read write own : building the next era of the Internet

Dixon, Chris,

Estate planning basics

Clifford, Denis.

One way back : a memoir

Blasey, Christine,

Social Security, Medicare & government pensions : get the most out of your retirement & medical benefits

Matthews, J. L.,

The asteroid hunter : a scientist's journey to the dawn of our solar system

Lauretta, D. S. (Dante S.),

Alfie & me : what owls know, what humans believe

Safina, Carl,

The autoimmune cure : healing the trauma and other triggers that have turned your body against you

Gottfried, Sara,

The menopause brain : new science empowers women to navigate the pivotal transition with knowledge and confidence

Mosconi, Lisa,

Cooking in real life : delicious & doable recipes for every day

Heuck, Lidey,

Joyfull : cook effortlessly, eat freely, live radiantly

Devlukia -Shetty, Radhi,

Anything's pastable : 81 inventive pasta recipes for saucy people

Pashman, Dan,

Elevate and dominate : 21 ways to win on and off the field

Sanders, Deion,

Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide

Pakroo, Peri.

The small business start-up kit

Pakroo, Peri,

Get the picture : a mind-bending journey among the inspired artists and obsessive art fiends who taught me how to see

Bosker, Bianca,

The Blues Brothers : an epic friendship, the rise of improv, and the making of an American film classic

De Visé, Daniel,

Hits, flops, and other illusions : my fortysomething years in Hollywood

Zwick, Edward,

The most memorable games in Patriots history : the oral history of a legendary team

Baker, Jim,

Fodor's Bermuda


Fodor's California


Outofshapeworthlessloser : a memoir of figure skating, f*cking up, and figuring it out

Gold, Gracie,

Only say good things : surviving Playboy and finding myself

Hefner, Crystal,

The manicurist's daughter : a memoir

Lieu, Susan,

Life : my story through history

Pope Francis

The house of hidden meanings : a memoir


Normal women : nine hundred years of making history

Gregory, Philippa,

The Achilles trap : Saddam Hussein, the C.I.A., and the origins of America's invasion of Iraq

Coll, Steve,

Life after power : seven presidents and their search for purpose beyond the White House

Cohen, Jared,

The pursuit of happiness : how classical writers on virtue inspired the lives of the founders and defined America

Rosen, Jeffrey,

American woman : the transformation of the modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden

Rogers, Katie

The Deerfield Massacre : a surprise attack, a forced march, and the fight for survival in early America

Swanson, James L.,


Anyone But You

Aquaman and the lost kingdom

The book of  Clarence

The color purple




I.S.S. International Space Station /

The Marvels

Next Goal Wins

Waitress, the  musical





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