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The Digital Library never closes! Simply enter your library card number and pin when prompted (what's my pin number?)

Our support and services to schools include a story time and tour for all Kindergarten classes. We are always interested in working with teachers to ensure that we have enough material to support research and reading assignments.


Now Available in the Children’s Room

An Early Literacy Station designed for children ages 2-10. This station is loaded with 50 educational software titles and offers children a chance to use a safe, standalone computer not connected to the Internet that is age-appropriate, engaging and academically relevant. The ELS has a touch screen, a colorful keyboard and a tiny mouse to promote easy learning and discovery. It is located in the magazine area, come and play! No sign-up required.

An AfterSchool Edge touch screen computer which is designed for children 6-12 years old. It is a perfect companion to the Early Learning Station already in the Children’s Room. It features more than 50 top-rated educational software titles that cover all areas of the curriculum including math, science, reading, financial literacy, music and art so is a great homework help assistant! This new computer can be used with no sign-up required. Check it out today! is now free at Fiske Public Library on the back Children’s Room computer. (Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Early Primary) With more than 3,500 learning activities and 450 lessons, is a comprehensive early learning curriculum available online! (child safe- no pop-up ads, no advertising, no external links).

Imagination Playground
Come build with the Giant Blue Blocks in the Imagination Playground located in the Children’s Program Room during regular library hours. Stop at the Circulation Desk to sign into the room. This Indoor Playground is supported with funds from the Friends of the Fiske.

Available for Circulation

Playaway® Bookpacks bring together the simplicity of all-in-one audiobooks and their print versions to deliver a fun and educational read-along experience to children of all ages. A POWERFUL LITERACY TOOL FOR CHILDREN AT EVERY READING LEVEL. Bookpacks are the easiest way for emerging and struggling readers, auditory and special education learners, and ESL patrons to develop literacy skills.
They help young readers:
• Improve reading comprehension and retention
• Expand vocabulary skills
• Build phonemic awareness and fluency
Bookpacks include best sellers, award-winning titles, classics and Common Core State Standard selections for various ages and reading levels.

Playaway® Launchpad Kids-only Learning Tablets – Check out a tablet preloaded with 10 learning and play apps grouped together by subject area, theme, grade level and age. From math and monkeys to science and superheroes, every LAUNCHPAD is a new adventure. Purchased with funds from the Friends of the Fiske!

Please be respectful of your library and your community and observe the following rules of good library behavior.
* NO running.
* PARENTS/GUARDIANS are responsible for your children’s behavior and cleaning up the toys that they have used while visiting. Miss Liz is busy with her programs and cannot be expected to put away books, toys, etc.
* NO food is allowed. This means coffee, doughnuts, etc. Water and bottles and sippy cups for babies are fine.
* Please be aware the adult circulation area is a QUIET area.

Policy for Children's Room Users
The Trustees have voted a new policy regarding the leaving of minor children in the library at closing time. We have had instances when the staff has had to wait outside with a child for up to one half hour because the parent wasn’t here. This made the child very nervous as there was nobody at their home when we called. In the future, if any child under age 16 is here at closing time we will call the Wrentham Police Department who will come to the library and take whatever action they feel is appropriate. Please realize that children are very concerned when their ride does not come at the appointed time.

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