The Digital Library never closes! Simply enter your library card number and pin when prompted (what's my pin number?)

Book Delivery
If you know someone who can not get to the library and would like books brought once or twice a month, leave their name & phone number with our staff and we will have a volunteer contact them about their reading interests and set up a delivery schedule.

The Copier/Printer/Fax machine at the Library was paid for by the Friends of the Fiske. Copies and prints are $0.20/page for B&W, $0.40/page for color. Appropriate amount of money must be put into the coin box before the B&W or color buttons become available. Double-sided is available for copies (charged as individual pages). Sending a fax requires assistance from Reference or Front Desk Staff. There is a charge of $1.00/page for faxing.

The Reference Librarian is a Notary. No appointment is needed, however there is not always someone available so it is best to call first 508-384-5440 x4.

Package Pickup
Not home all day? Worried about your packages being left on the front doorstep? We'll be happy to have you designate the Fiske Library address (please use 110 Randall Road as we DO NOT have a P.O. Box any longer) and we'll sign for the items and hold them for you. You can use the online retailer tracking software and you'll know exactly when the package has arrived - no need to call us. Simply use your name and the library's address. Bring in your card that MUST match the information on the package and sign the receipt to show that you have accepted the items. You must be a Wrentham resident in good standing and have a Fiske library card. Call us if you need clarification.

Textile Recycling
This program benefits both the Fiske Public Library and the Wrentham Recycling Committee. There is a collection bin at the back of the parking lot. Items accepted include: footwear, clothing, accessories, household linens, and stuffed animals. When cleaning out your closets, redecorating, or updating your household linens THINK OF US! For a full list of items that are accepted and not accepted, click here.

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