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Loan Periods
New Books 2 weeks
Rental Books 1 week
Sweatt Bestsellers 1 week
Other Books 4 weeks
Books on CD/MP3 2 weeks
Music CD's 2 weeks
Wii Games 1 week (1 per family)
Book/Tape/CD Kits 2 weeks
Magazines 2 weeks
Museum Passes 24 hours if not a throw away pass
DVD's 1 week (max. 4) 1 PHONE RENEWAL
Reference Non-circulating in most cases
Library of Things 14 days NO RENEWAL

Fines (adopted December 7, 2021)
Fines are eliminated for all media. If damaged or lost, it needs to be physically replaced; this policy impacts only items owned by the Fiske Public Library. This does not apply to the “Library of Things”or Museum Passes (both $5.00 a day overdue)  Rental Books will continue to be $1 a week with walk-in renewal allowed and .25 a day overdue. We will continue accepting  “food” as a donation, BUT NOT FOR FINES.

Fines for Passes (adopted June 7, 2022)
If a pass must be returned before it can be used by another library patron, a daily fine of $5, up to $25 will be levied for the late return of that pass.

Beginning September 2, 2018 SAILS implemented a policy of automatically renewing eligible Library materials three days before they are due. Items will not be renewed if someone else has placed a hold, the item has reached its renewal limit, your account is blocked due to excess fines or fees, or the item is not renewable for some other reason (i.e. ComCat and Interlibrary Loan). If an item CANNOT be renewed you will receive a courtesy due soon notice (via phone, email, SMS Text) before the materials are due. THANK YOU ! 

Excessive Fines
We have found that some people have not been able to borrow passes or attend programs because space has been filled, sometimes by patrons whose borrowing privileges have been blocked due to excessive fines. 

In fairness to all, the Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy : Fiske Library refuses access to any library-sponsored programs and passes if a patron is blocked for outstanding fines or for fees resulting from loss of library materials. 

(Computer blocks patrons with over $10 in overdue charges, more than 7 overdue items or unpaid bills resulting from lost materials). Effective March 1, 2011. 

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