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Cell Phone
As a courtesy to all library users cell phone use in the library is limited to urgent or emergency situations and is allowed only in the foyer. Patrons accompanying children may use a cell phone in the Children's Room. 

Identification Needed to Borrow Materials (adopted June 7, 2022)
A patron who does not have their library card in hand, may still borrow materials upon presentation of valid identification, so library personnel can access their account.

Children's Room Users
The Trustees have voted a new policy regarding the leaving of minor children in the library at closing time. We have had instances when the staff has had to wait outside with a child for up to one half hour because the parent wasn't here. This made the child very nervous as there was nobody at their home when we called. In the future, if any child under age 16 is here at closing time we will call the Wrentham Police Department who will come to the library and take whatever action they feel is appropriate. Please realize that children are very concerned when their ride does not come at the appointed time. 

Masks (adopted April 16, 2022 - revises policy from November 2, 2021)
The Children’s Room of the Fiske Public Library follows Wrentham’s Public Health masking guidelines, and will adjust accordingly. Currently (April 16, 2022), these guidelines recommend that young children (ages 2 - 5) wear masks while in a group setting.

Children's Room Rules
We need you to follow the rules of this area:
NO running (we've had two sets of stitches already)
YOU are responsible for your children's behavior, particularly cleaning up the toys that they have used while visiting. The Children's Librarian is busy with programs and cannot be expected to put away books, toys, etc.
NO food is allowed. This means coffee, doughnuts, etc. Water and bottles & sippy cups for babies are fine.
The adult circulation area is a QUIET area.

Fines (adopted December 7, 2021)
Fines are eliminated for all media. If damaged or lost, it needs to be physically replaced; this policy impacts only items owned by the Fiske Public Library.

Fines for Passes (adopted June 7, 2022)
If a pass must be returned before it can be used by another library patron, a daily fine of $5, up to $25 will be levied for the late return of that pass.


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